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About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation allows a woman to achieve a more curvaceous silhouette with fuller and more voluminous breasts. You may want to undergo breast augmentation to restore your breasts’ fullness after childbirth, to balance out your proportions, or simply because you want larger breasts. Dr. Jeffrey Lisiecki performs highly personalized breast augmentation surgeries with saline and silicone implants, ensuring natural results that conform with your anatomy.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the volume and external projection of the breasts. The procedure generally involves the careful insertion of saline or silicone implants under the breast tissues or muscles, making the breasts look fuller and rounder. The surgeon will select the ideal material, size, and shape of breast implants based on your unique goals and concerns. While a breast augmentation adds volume, it doesn’t lift sagging breast tissues.

Breast augmentation can do the following:

  • Enhance breast size and volume
  • Make the breasts look fuller and rounder
  • Enhance the curvaceousness of your silhouette
  • Restore optimal symmetry between your breasts
  • Restore optimal harmony and proportions
  • Reverse the effects of childbirth on your breast

Candidates for breast augmentation:

  • Want to achieve fuller and more voluminous breasts
  • Want to restore optimal proportions to their figure
  • Have generally good physical and mental health
  • Are nonsmokers or willing to stop smoking before the breast augmentation
  • Have realistic expectations from the breast augmentation surgery



Dr. Lisiecki’s personalized breast augmentation technique

Dr. Lisiecki performs highly personalized breast augmentation surgery at his state-of-the-art surgical center under general anesthesia. He will make strategic incisions under the breasts, on the armpit, or around the areola, following which the saline or silicone implant is carefully inserted above or below the chest muscle. As such, the location of the incision, the type of implant, and the placement of the implant depend on your unique goals and condition. The incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures. The entire procedure takes an hour or two.

Choosing the ideal material for breast implants

Breast augmentation can be performed using silicone or saline implants. Each material has a unique set of advantages and drawbacks, which you must consider carefully to find the ideal breast implant for your needs. Dr. Lisiecki will carefully examine your anatomy, discuss your goals and lifestyle concerns, and help you select the ideal breast implants.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants contain silicone gel within a solid silicone outer shell. The texture and feel of silicone implants are similar to that of natural breast tissues, so they’re the most preferred option amongst women seeking breast augmentation. However, women with silicone implants should undergo an ultrasound or MRI every few years to check for leaks or rupture.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are made of solid silicone shells, but they’re filled with sterile saline water. Modern saline implants can feel very close to natural breast tissue as well, and are extremely safe. The rupture of a saline implant is immediately evident, and the sterile saline simply leaks into the surrounding tissues and is absorbed by the body.

Recovery after a breast augmentation surgery

You will have to wear a sports bra for up to 4 weeks after the breast augmentation surgery to ensure optimal healing and recovery. You will experience swelling and bruising around the breasts for a few days, but pain medications can reduce discomfort. Most patients can resume most of their daily activities within a week, but strenuous workouts and exercise should be avoided for around four weeks.

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Dr. Jeffrey Lisiecki is a highly trained aesthetic plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation – both implants and fat grafting, breast lift and breast reduction surgeries in New York. He has specialized training in cutting-edge breast augmentation techniques, and he tailors the treatment plan according to your unique goals. He examines your anatomy, discusses your goals, and recommends the optimal surgical plans to ensure safe and natural results that meet your goals. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Lisiecki to explore your breast augmentation options.


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