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Achieve Nasal Symmetry

As a surgeon specially trained in facial aesthetic and rhinoplasty, Dr. Jeffrey Lisiecki offers an alar base reduction in NYC – a common surgery type for people who wish to alter the size and appearance of their nostrils. The point is to adjust the width of the nose’s bottom part. The procedure is also called alarplasty or nostril reduction surgery. However, it helps to reduce nostril size, better nasal symmetry, or create facial harmony. See our alarplasty gallery to check out real patient results!

woman with beautiful nose after alarplasty in NYC

Alarplasty Surgery Overview

Patients with a large alar base can undergo this procedure to reduce their nostrils’ flaring and size. Please note that every individual has a unique nose flare, size, shape, etc. Therefore, your goals with the procedure may not align with another patient’s goals. Similarly, some circumstances may differ from one patient to another, meaning you need a professional surgeon for the procedure.

Due to this, there are many questions arising about alar base reduction. Take a look at the following overview.

The Reduction Technique

During alarplasty, your surgeon will numb the area under operation using an anesthetic; the entire procedure takes about one hour. Once the nose is numb, your surgeon will make an incision to remove tissue where the nostril and the cheek meet. The incision shape depends on the desired results.

Afterward, the doctor removes a wedge of the nostril and then brings the nostrils inwards to create improved balance with the face.

After sewing up the incision, your doctor will repeat the procedure on the other side of the nose.

Still, the specialists may combine several techniques if they feel it yields more satisfying results. Alar base reduction procedures can be performed alone in certain cases, but they are also a component of more comprehensive modern rhinoplasty procedures.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Alar Base Reduction Procedure?

If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your nostril shape and size, alar base reduction surgery will suit you best. However, it would help if you met some criteria, including the following:

  • Being in perfect health condition generally.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • You must have entirely recovered from previous surgeries near and around the nose area.
  • Your expectations of the outcome must be realistic.

Besides the above, your past cosmetic procedure, present and past health condition, and the current shape of your nostril will also determine if you can undergo the process. Therefore, the best way to judge whether you are a suitable candidate for alarplasty in NYC is by consulting with a professional and experienced plastic surgeon.

Benefits of Alar Base Reduction Surgery

If you are an ideal candidate, nostril reduction operation has several benefits. Here are some of them:

  • There is minimal scarring since the surgeon can hide the scars under the nose creases.
  • It achieves natural results.
  • Your nose will appear smaller and at balance with the face.
  • It is less invasive compared to rhinoplasty.
  • It minimizes your nostril flare.
  • A smaller and more proportional nose boosts confidence; the patient will feel bolder and take pride in their appearance.

Preparing for the Alarplasty Surgery

The alarplasty procedure requires adequate preparation to come out successful. Please ensure you stop the following two weeks before the operation:

  • Taking alcohol
  • Smoking vapes or cigarettes
  • Taking blood thinning medication such as aspirin and Advil

The above consumables can prolong swelling or increase bleeding.

woman with beautiful nose after an alar base reduction in NYC


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Recovery Process after Alarplasty Surgery

Following your alar base reduction in NYC, you may be interested to know about the recovery process. Your surgeon will close the incision with sutures during the process; these stitches take about 7-10 days before removal. You may experience redness, swelling, and bruising; the swelling can extend up to a few weeks. You can resume your daily routine and fitness after three weeks.

However, the following tips will quicken the recovery process:

  • Keep the area clean always
  • Follow your doctor’s post-surgery instructions
  • You can reduce swelling by elevating your head
  • Avoid alcohol for at least two weeks after the surgery
  • Avoid sleeping on your face


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