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About Breast Implant Removal

If you’re dissatisfied with the shape and appearance of your breast implant, you may choose to have them removed. Women may undergo breast implant removal for several reasons, such as returning to the original breast size, opting for fat transfers instead, or because of complications associated with the breast implant. Whatever your reasons might be, you must contact a highly skilled and reliable breast surgeon for your breast implant removal. Please contact Dr. Lisiecki to discuss your breast implant removal options.

What is breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that removes an unwanted or compromised breast implant. Once the breast implant is removed, the surgeon may perform a breast lift to prevent the sagging of the natural breast tissues. If you undergo a breast implant removal but still want larger breasts, you can also opt for a fat grafting procedure, which would involve transferring excess fat cells from other parts of your body into the breasts. Dr. Lisiecki will curate the ideal breast implant removal plan for your specific needs.

Reasons you may want to remove breast implants:

  • A desire to return to the previous breast shape and size
  • Discomfort because of the volume and size of the breast implants
  • Breast implant complications, such as capsular contracture
  • Undergoing a lifestyle change without enhanced breasts
  • Replacing breast implants with autologous fat transfers

Candidates for a breast implant removal:

  • May have experienced complications related to the primary breast implant
  • May want to return to the original breast size or simply avoid implants
  • Have generally good physical and mental health
  • Are nonsmokers or willing to stop smoking before the breast implant removal
  • Have realistic expectations from the breast implant removal surgery



Dr. Lisiecki’s personalized breast implant removal techniques

Dr. Lisiecki performs the personalized breast implant removal procedure at his state-of-the-art surgical center under general anesthesia. He generally uses the same incisions as the primary surgery to remove the breast implant, so you don’t need to worry about developing new scars. The specific details of the breast implant removal will depend on the location of the original incisions, the type of implant being removed, and whether you’re experiencing complications. The surgeon may also combine breast implant removal with a lift or fat grafting.

Breast Implant Removal + Lift

Dr. Lisiecki may have to perform a breast lift after breast implant removal to prevent breast sagging. The surgeon may have to trim away excess skin tissues and reposition the nipple and areola higher on the breast mound to make the breasts look firm and youthful.

Breast Implant Removal + Fat Grafting

Dr. Lisiecki may perform a fat grafting procedure after breast implant removal to enhance the breast volume. During a fat grafting procedure, the surgeon will extract excess fat cells from another part of the body, such as the tummy, and inject them into the breasts.

Recovery after a breast implant removal surgery

The recovery after a breast implant removal is generally smoother and easier than recovery after a breast implant surgery. You will experience swelling, tenderness, bruising, and tightness in your breasts for a few weeks, and you’ll have to wear a soft, supportive bra for a few weeks. Most patients resume their daily activities within a week, but strenuous workouts should be avoided for four weeks.

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Dr. Jeffrey Lisiecki is an acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgeries in New York. He has performed many breast surgeries using different surgical techniques, including breast fat grafting, breast augmentations with implants, breast implant removals, and more. Instead of following a cookie-cutter template, he tailors the treatment plan to address your unique goals and concerns, ensuring safe and naturalized results that align with your expectations. Please schedule a consultation to explore your breast implant removal options.


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