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Facelift FAQs

What is a facelift, and how does it work?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck. It involves tightening underlying facial tissues, removing excess skin, and repositioning facial contours to create a more youthful appearance. Dr. Lisiecki utilizes advanced techniques to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Ideal facelift candidates are typically individuals experiencing sagging skin, jowls, deep facial creases, and loss of fat volume due to aging. However, the suitability of the procedure varies for each patient. During a consultation with Dr. Lisiecki, he will assess your concerns, medical history, and expectations to determine if a facelift is the right option.

What is the right age for a facelift?

Determining the right age for a facelift is not solely based on a specific number but rather on individual factors. Generally, candidates for a facelift are in their 40s to 70s, experiencing visible signs of aging like sagging skin and wrinkles. However, age is just one consideration. Factors like overall health, skin quality, and personal goals play crucial roles. Dr. Lisiecki evaluates each patient individually to ensure they are physically and emotionally prepared for the procedure.

Is a facelift a permanent solution for aging?

While a facelift can significantly turn back the clock, it does not stop the aging process entirely. Over time, the natural aging of the skin will continue. However, the procedure can provide long-lasting results, and patients can maintain their rejuvenated appearance with proper skincare and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Lisiecki’s techniques aim for results that can endure for years.

What can I expect during the facelift recovery period?

Facelift recovery time varies among patients, but generally, initial swelling and bruising subside within a few weeks. Dr. Lisiecki will provide post-operative instructions to promote healing and reduce discomfort. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities initially and follow a customized recovery plan to ensure the best possible outcome.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to a facelift?

Yes, there are non-surgical options like dermal fillers, Botox, laser and radiofrequency treatments that can address certain signs of aging. However, these treatments may offer temporary results and are generally more suitable for patients with mild aging concerns. Dr. Lisiecki will recommend the most appropriate approach based on individual needs and desired outcomes.

Will a facelift make me look unnatural or overly pulled?

Dr. Jeff Lisiecki’s facelift techniques focus on achieving a naturally rejuvenated appearance. Modern facelift approaches prioritize natural repositioning of facial structures to avoid the “over-pulled” look. The goal is to deliver results that make patients look refreshed and youthful, not drastically altered.

Is a facelift a painful procedure?

During the facelift procedure, patients are under anesthesia, ensuring they do not feel any pain. Post-surgery, some discomfort, bruising, and swelling are common, but Dr. Lisiecki will prescribe appropriate pain management techniques to keep patients as comfortable as possible throughout the recovery process.

What are the risks associated with a facelift?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved with facelift surgery. These may include infection, scarring, hematoma, nerve injury, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. However, by choosing an aesthetic fellowship-trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Lisiecki and following post-operative instructions diligently, the risks can be minimized significantly.

How can I maintain my facelift results for as long as possible?

To prolong the results of a facelift, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle, protect the skin from sun damage, avoid smoking, and use high-quality skincare products. Regular follow-ups with Dr. Lisiecki will also allow him to monitor your progress and provide personalized recommendations to maintain your youthful appearance over time.


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